January 1, 2013

2013: Time to Inspire

Hello all! I cannot believe that it is already 2013. I feel like 2012 passed so quickly, with so many new events and experiences! I am so excited for the upcoming year (as I am every year!) because each day brings joys, excitement, challenges, and the amazing experience of living. 

Every single one of you deserves to be happy. Yes, I'm talking to you, sitting at your computer and pondering the start of 2013. I don't believe in New Years Resolutions, but I do believe in being healthy. Whether you are just exploring the idea of being healthy now, have already jumped on the bandwagon, or are simply looking for inspiration, I have decided to dedicate this post to reasons to be fit and healthy-- in the right way.

No crazy diets. No starving oneself. No 4 hour workouts each day. It doesn't work-- trust me, I've done it. And I hated it. I was thin-- but not healthy. Being fit and healthy is about looking at yourself, at your body, and thinking, I love you, and because I love you, I will take care of you. It isn't some unsustainable diet-- healthy is a lifestyle choice that one chooses each and every day. No matter what we look like or feel like, our body deserves to be cherished. Healthy isn't necessarily skinny. Beautiful isn't exclusively for the thin (despite what almost every part of society tries to brainwash us into thinking). While those sometimes come with being healthy, I don't think that society's expectations of "perfection" through looks are acceptable. Perfect can be overwhelming, and there is a reason for that-- the weight placed upon the idea of perfection is unrealistic.

We are all human. We are all imperfect, and the fact that we are is incredibly, stunningly beautiful. 



  1. Girl you said it right! Sometimes I need to re-evaluate my thoughts and put it into right perspective! The key is not how thin you are, the key is how healthy you are! I really enjoy this post!!! Happy New Years!!!

    1. Thanks darling!! Same to you! :)


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