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Healthy Food Marketing

Gaining exposure

Our mission at Michelleshealthybites is to improve awareness of healthy eating. For this reason, just writing about healthy habits and recipes is not the only objective for us. Since I have taken over for Michelle, I have changed the way we market our content to increase exposure. We want to have a greater impact in the world. Marketing seemed like the place to start to achieve this goal.

Getting Started with Marketing

It is one thing to teach people how to eat healthy. It is entirely another to reach the size audience desired. We started with paper fliers. Without having much success, we continued to look for options on the internet. Google Adwords ads and Facebook ads were what we tried next. These options became costly month after month of advertising dollars without much success. Then we tried email lists. These email lists were helpful for us to get engagement with current readers; however, we were not getting new people to come to our website. We knew we had to try something new.

Search engine optimization
Our Online Prescence Changed with SEO

Finding Search Engine Marketing

In discovering how to increase exposure, we found the importance of search engines. We first became aware of search engine optimization (SEO) from Entrepreneur who wrote about how all local businesses should have it. From there we discovered more information about what to look for in search engine marketing at Moz. When I read the SEO starter guide on Moz’s website I had a better understanding of search engine marketing. From our research, we knew LifeBlood SEO would be able to assist us in our needs. This helped us improve our rankings on google. Now we have more people reading our content than ever before. We are creating a larger impact in the world now. I would like to personally thank Stephen at LifeBlood SEO for making this possible. Check out their Austin SEO twitter page for more information about how to rank your website.

Sustained Internet Exposure

Now we have a steady flow of readers each week. We rank on google for our main keywords month after month. All this is the result of a one time set-up. If you can find the words that people are searching for related to your content, you can get the same results!

What You Can Learn From Us

If anyone else has an online business or content publisher platform, I would highly recommend search engine optimization services to help people find your content. After all, if your truth cannot be found, it will not create impact.